About Tararua College

Tararua College

Tararua College is a secondary school with a roll of 348 students, situated in Pahiatua in the northern Wairarapa.

Our Purpose Statement:

To provide a safe, healthy and caring environment in which students achieve individual excellence so that they can be fully involved in the academic, sporting, cultural and social life of the school and our community.

At Tararua College we aim to meet the needs of all students. We provide a caring, friendly and supportive environment where learning is satisfying and a desire for knowledge is fostered.

Our motto is Tama Tu Tama Ora which, translated, means 'those who strive live fully.' Accordingly, we encourage all students to participate in the many academic, cultural, sporting and recreational activities available.

As well as these activities providing a variety of individual and social learning experiences, they help to develop strong relationships between students and with staff, and they contribute towards school pride and an enjoyment of school.

Head Students 2017

Pictured left to right:

Sarah Cormack-Deputy Head Girl, Jesse Walker-Head Boy, Andersen Vincent-Deputy Head Boy and Sara Swansson- Head Girl.

Pictured below: My family and other support crew from Christchurch prior to my Pōwhiri.

Tararua College

From the Principal’s Pen…

February 2017

Kia ora kotou,

As I sit at my laptop thinking about what to say in my first official communication to our school community, I am filled with a sense of excitement.

Since my arrival in Pahiatua in mid January I, and my family, have been overwhelmed by the friendly support that has been offered by everyone who we have met. It reinforces for me the reason I chose to relocate to these ‘sunny’ climes.

I have been impressed with the way in which our students want to take pride in our school, the level of staff commitment to develop outstanding results for our students and the interest of our wider community to engage with the College to ensure we have a strong, sustainable and successful school at the heart of our community.

As a school community there is much we should be proud of: the fantastic school and house spirit shown at our swimming and athletics days; the strong NCEA Level 2 results for 2016; the leadership exhibited by our senior students as they head into 2017; the fantastic Pōwhiri to welcome our new students,  their parents and staff.

 Pictured below: New students are welcomed at the Pōwhiri.

Whilst there are many positives we also need to acknowledge the need to constantly strive to improve on what has gone before. I have asked all students and staff to reflect on what they can do to enhance a feeling of pride in what this school represents. I extend that invitation to our wider community. Let’s focus on the positives and build on the areas that need improvement. Let’s develop a College that is at the heart of our community and its future. Let’s celebrate the awesome skills and attributes that our young people display. If you have concerns or suggestions as to what we can do to drive the College forward, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your thoughts with you.

We have three goals on which we are focussing in 2017 to develop the College. These are:

  •          To improve and develop student achievement by developing visible learning approaches and collaborative practises.
  •          To drive community engagement in Tararua College.
  •          To implement positive behaviour and pastoral approaches that affirm students’ achievements and actions and overtly teaches and supports expected behaviours.

As always, the support of caregivers in our endeavours is crucial to their success and the ability we have to develop outstanding young individuals. I thank you in advance for providing that support.

Over the coming year you will see many visible changes around the College, but also many that are not so visible but will significantly impact on the way our students develop their learning skills and knowledge. Technology and its use is now an integral part of the way we operate as a society and this must be reflected in the way we encourage our students to learn. As a college we will invest significant time, resources and energy in creating a seamless flow of learning between the classroom, wider school environment and home.

The development of learning conferences in 2016 will be further enhanced this year. This process takes us from a ‘historic focus’ reflecting on what the student has done, to a ‘future focused’ approach that concentrates on how to progress our students learning.

Alongside these reporting processes we will be instigating parent access to our student management systems that allows parents to see ‘real time’ information about their son or daughter through our on-line Parent Portal. This allows parents to track students’ achievements, absences, school notices and other useful information whenever they wish. Once again it reaffirms the strong partnership that we as school and caregivers must form to fully support our tamariki.

 As the year progresses I look forward to sharing with you the highlights. I encourage you once again to be a part of our journey, actively participating in the process that makes Tararua College a school of which we can all be proud.

Ka kite ano,


Jon Ward