Annual College Fee 2017:

Accounts will be issued to all parents near the start of the school year for the School Donation of $95 ($85 if paid in Term 1), maximised at $190 for two or more students. This fee is essential if the College is to provide a full range of equipment and educational, cultural, sporting and social activities.

The College offers payment options such as internet banking and automatic payment.

There are various trust funds which senior students needing assistance may apply to, such as the Tararua College Education Trust. This Trust also regularly makes available funds to purchase equipment from which all students will benefit.

If you wish to discuss any of the options available for meeting educational costs please contact the Executive Officer.

Subject/Activity Costs:

The costs for doing any of the individual curriculum subjects offered are contained in the individual subject descriptors in the College Subject Options booklet. These fees provide departmental materials, homework books and equipment specific to the subject taken, and are due by the end of Term 2.

Any other stationery/classroom material requirements are notified in the first few days of the new school year. Texts are often lent on the condition that any loss or damage will be reimbursed.

Education outside the classroom/sport/cultural/social activity costs are dependent on subject or activity choice. Sports fees generally include costs for uniforms, registration fees, ground fees and weekly transport costs.

NCEA Fees 2017:

Entry for all NQF standards and up to three scholarship subjects is $76.70. Additional Scholarship entries are $75 per subject. Payment is due by the end of August.