PB4LSW stands for Positive Behaviour for Learning School Wide.

The Tararua College PB4LSW team:

Glynis De Castro (Principal & Team Coach), David Ngatuere (Assistant Principal & Team Leader), Selwyn Bennett, Anna Biddle (RTLB), Rachel Ireland (BOT Rep), Trish McKay, Rob Moffitt & Emily Tengaipu Anga O Te Rangi.

Our Mission:
To strive for positive interaction between all students, staff and whanau.

Our Catch Cry:

Brief Overview:
PB4LSW is a school’s process or framework for teaching social and behavioural skills so the focus can be on teaching and learning. It benefits individual students, groups of students, and the whole school community. PB4LSW works to achieve important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behaviour with all students. It is not a specific model but is a broad range of research-validated and effective practices, interventions and strategies.

PB4LSW is a funded Ministry of Education initiative and takes three years to fully implement (tiers). For 2014, Tararua College will be a “Tier 1” school. PB4LSW is an exciting initiative that will improve the College’s culture and lead to higher student achievement.