Student Support

Concern for each individual student is at the heart of the College's philosophy. The College believes care for students is best effected by a partnership between home and school.

Every student belongs to a Mentoring Group containing approximately 16 students. The Mentor teacher has first responsibility for his/her students and he/she is a vital link between school and home. During the first three or four weeks of the year, each student's Mentor teacher will make contact with student caregivers by phone, if this is possible, to introduce themselves and establish lines of communication. We hope that parents will feel free to ask for information or discuss any causes for concern with these teachers; we believe that this sort of link works powerfully for the benefit of students. 

We encourage both students and caregivers to use the Tararua College logbook system. Every student is issued with a logbook to record their homework and to act as a means of passing messages between parents and teachers. Apart from Year 13 students, all students are required to have the logbook signed weekly by their parents, and staff check these.

We will contact you whenever the need arises at school. Likewise, we appreciate being informed of problems at home which may affect a student's performance at school. 

House Deans are responsible for administrative support and pastoral care of students. They also deal with discipline matters in conjunction with the Deputy Principals. A full-time Counsellor provides a confidential and professional counselling service to students. He is assisted by the College Health Nurse, who runs a free and confidential service for all students. 

Year 13 peer supporters are trained to work with small groups of Year 9 to Year 11 students. The older students learn leadership skills and the younger students are assisted in their transition to College by having identified senior students as mentors. 

Our Careers Counsellor assists all students with subject and course selection, career advice, CV writing, job research, work experience and employment. 

We issue a College Bulletin monthly and provide regular oral and written reports on student progress. 

We welcome enquiries about school activities, encourage parent participation, and we invite you to contact the Form class teacher or year level Deans to discuss any matters. The Principal and Deputy Principals are also available. 

Who Do I Contact? 

Your child's Mentor teacher should usually be your first point of contact. If they are not able to assist you directly, they will ensure that you are contacted by the appropriate staff member.

Student Support Centre

Mrs G McKnight, is the teacher in charge of the Student Support Centre and Special Needs. The Student Support Centre's role is to provide students with one-on-one academic and pastoral support by specially trained staff. Students are taken through a combination of appropriate learning experiences to a level where they can cope in a mainstream class. Their progress is based on their abilities and often on individual education programmes which have been determined in conjunction with parents.

The Student Support Centre provides extra tuition in reading, spelling and maths for students in Years 9, 10 and 11. The Successmaker programme is used for all students who attend the Student Support Centre. It is a computer programme which covers a variety of subjects. Students are assessed when they first log on and then progress through the programmes at their own pace. This programme offers an alternative method of learning for students.

 Those in the Years 11-13 who have continuing difficulty academically because of poor reading or mathematics shills are accommodated by using a mix of classroom subjects, Unit Standards and life skills provided by the Student Support Centre.

Correspondence courses may be available for those students who are at a level well below their chronological age academically and who don’t qualify for ORR’s funding through Group Special Education. Correspondence courses relating to life skills with Unit Standard credits are available to those senior students who have worked in the Student Support Centre in their junior years and those who need guidance during their independent learning courses.

 A Spec programme based in personal development courses, which is modular and activity based is offered in the Student Support Centre. This programme provides opportunities for students to demonstrate the key competencies. It is a student-centred programme. It encourages progression as students become more independent through learning.

 The Youth Award Scheme (Asdan) is offered to students in the SSC. Transition Challenge, one of the programmes within this scheme, provides opportunities for a negotiated curriculum that is modular and activity based. It is a learner centered programme encouraging progression as students become more independent through learning. There is a charge of $25.00 to cover the course cost. Further charges may be added for Education outside the Classroom (EOTC) if necessary.

Education Outside the Classroom

This enables staff to broaden the students' life-skills. This offers interaction with members of the community, i.e. Police, Fire Service, Ambulance and local businesses. International students study ESOL courses and extend their English language Skills. They are involved in learning about everyday experiences both inside and outside the classroom, experiencing a New Zealand lifestyle. 


Harassment or bullying is abuse, which will become a serious problem if it is not dealt with. Harassment or bullying can lead a person to depression and to harming themselves or others. Tararua College has a zero tolerance for people who harass others. Everyone has the right to feel safe and to be treated with respect.

Student Safety

After consulting local police and community groups, the Westpac Bank in Pahiatua (as well as other branches around the country) have been formalised as Safe Houses where help can be sought from an adult on the student's way to or from school, or at any other time Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 5.00pm.