Tararua College Educational Trust

Do you know about the Tararua College Educational Trust, and how it helps fund the education and development of the children of our district?

The Trust, which was set up in 1962, has the aim of the building up and managing a capital fund to generate income to be used for the benefit of the students of the College.

The income from the Trust funds is used to provide educational equipment, sporting gear and cultural resources which the College would otherwise not be able to obtain. In addition, the income is used to fund bursaries and scholarships for individual students. In this way the Trust helps Tararua College provide a top class education and facilities for our children. Contributions by way of donations, membership subscriptions or bequests, are added to the Trust fund which, through wise investment, will provide an ever increasing source of income. This is used to fund projects which will benefit the College in accordance with the objectives of the Trust.

You can make a donation or become a member by contacting the College Office. Your contribution will qualify for a donation rebate (one third of the contribution).