Travel and Attendance

Daily Timetable
The school day starts at 8:40am. It runs on a six day cycle.

 8.40 Period 1
 9.40 Period 2
 10.40 Mentor Time
 10.55 Interval
 11.20 Period 3
 12.20 Period 4
 1.20 Lunch
 2.15 Period 5
 3.15 School finishes

Transport and Bus Travel

Students may drive a car or travel in one driven by another student if they first get a pass issued by the College. The College is anxious that no parent should be unaware that their children were coming to the College by car.

Students travelling free by bus have a bus assigned to them and they are allowed to travel only on that bus.


The College has legal requirements to meet with respect to the attendance of its students. It also has an obligation to know at all times, in case of an emergency event, who is in attendance. 

If absence at the College is unavoidable, parents should telephone the school absence line and leave a message. If this is not possible, students should hand in a dated explanatory note to their Form Teacher. 

No student may leave the College grounds during school hours (including lunch hours) unless a note or other suitable explanation has been approved beforehand. 

Students who need to leave early or go to an appointment must get their note explaining why they are leaving early signed by one of the Deputy Principals. 

Students who arrive at school late must sign in at the main office. A dated explanatory note is required to be received by the College. 


Parents should notify the College of any medical or other condition which may impair their child's health or affect their schooling. The College has a sick bay and parents are notified of illness or accident as soon as possible. Students who are ill will not be released unless the caregiver has been notified.