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Career Services

The quickest way to get information about careers and training is:

This is one of the world’s best up-to-date websites that links school, careers, training, study and the job market.

Career Services provides information on career services, advice, jobs, industries, work trends, courses and training, online tools, publications, and products available in New Zealand. Enquiries can be made regarding details on occupations, job descriptions, course information, training options and the labour market.

The Learning Shop

This website provides free information, advice and support on education and training opportunities in New Zealand. It is part of the Tertiary Education Strategy and has links to Gateway and Youth Transition Services.


Modern Apprenticeships

The Modern Apprenticeships programme enables young New Zealanders to gain nationally recognised industry qualifications while they work, and makes it easy for employers to up-skill their workforce. This website provides information for young people wanting to earn while they learn and employers wanting to employ a young apprentice.

Youth Transition Services – Work and Income

This area of the Work and Income website provides information to assist young people as they transition from school to further education, training, work or other activities that contribute to their long term independence and wellbeing. Includes contact details for services across New Zealand and links to related sites.

Youth Transition Services

Techlink: Involve – Evolve – People in Technology

This collection of technology career profiles covers all technological areas, providing students with an insight into the range of career paths to which technology education can lead, and specific knowledge of the skills required in each featured career.

Study Links

Students planning to continue study after they leave school have a lot of choices to make. 

Sussed Online will get you on your way. Will it be broadband and baked beans? Part-time job or parents helping? Hear from students about their experiences and the choices you will need to make. You’ll also learn more about StudyLink and what we do along the way. 

There are some really important decisions to make. A little effort, planning and commitment now can turn into exciting jobs, higher wages and only having to pay back what you really needed to borrow to get there. 

Let's figure out what things you'll need for your tertiary education, and how you might pay for them. 

Complete Sussed online now.

How to plan 

Most people find that getting a ‘good education’ is important in life because it gives you choices. Getting a ‘good education’ at Tararua College depends particularly on what you do with the opportunities offered. It helps you to know and develop your full potential.

Career planning combines your potential, self-knowledge and what you want out of life. Once you know what kind of life you hope for, you will need to understand a thing or two about yourself:

  • What are your interests and hobbies?
  • Are you a ‘hands-on’ person or a thinker?
  • Do you like to be inside or outside?
  • How important is money in your life?
  • Are you a team player, or do you like to do things on your own?

Other people can help you work out what kind of person you are and what strengths/weaknesses you have:

  • What good things does your family say about you?
  • What do your teachers say about you?
  • Don’t forget to ask your friends too

Personal weaknesses are also good to know, because acknowledging a weakness is actually a personal strength! And what’s more; you can work on turning this weakness into a strength.

Knowing your favourite subjects might indicate where your strengths and interests are. These subjects are often a good lead to follow.

Now is a good time to visit because this website gives you ideas for future careers using your preferred subjects.

Any dream you might have about a future career needs goals to make it happen. Find people in your life who will support you to make your dreams come true!

Your goals, short term and long term goals are the stepping stones towards your future plans. Each goal achieved is a resting point at which you can look ahead and check whether you are still moving in the right direction, or whether your long-term goal needs adjusting, or maybe changing. Goals must not be set in concrete, because, as Prof Jim Bright says: “shift happens”. It all depends on barriers you face; what you can do to overcome those and what opportunities are presented.

You never know your full potential until you try new things. Making the most of the opportunities offered at Tararua College helps you on the way to find a career that fits you best.

Remember: If your job is your hobby, you never work a day in your life!


The following template is designed to help you with discussing career paths with your child(ren). If you would like to, you can read through it and fill it in with your child(ren), then bring it to school, the Careers Advisor will hold on to it, and use it as a check point progressively through the year(s) your child(ren) is at Tararua College. It will be shared with your child(s) Mentor. This way, we can all ensure your child(ren) is taking the right subjects for their chosen career path(s). 

Careers planning template link

If you have any further questions, please email Mary Mika on, Careers Advisor.

Templates for CV and Cover Letter

Cover Letter Template
CV Template

These templates are provided for students who would like ideas on how to write CV's and Cover Letters. They are free for your use.
Made by the Tararua College Careers Advisor: Mary Mika