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There are three levels of NCEA certificate, depending on the difficulty of the standards achieved. At each level, students must achieve a certain number of credits to gain an NCEA certificate. Credits can be gained over more than one year.

NCEA level Requirements
Level 1
80 credits are required at any level (level 1, 2 or 3), including literacy (reading and writing) and numeracy (maths). Schools can explain the literacy and numeracy standard pathways they are using.

Level 2
60 credits at level 2 or above, + 20 credits from any level

Level 3
60 credits at level 3 or above, + 20 credits from level 2 or above

Credits gained at one level can be used for (or count towards) more than one certificate. They may also be used towards other qualifications. For example, unit standards in the domain 'generic computing' might be used towards a Level 2 NCEA certificate, as well as towards a National Certificate in Computing (Level 2); or 20 credits gained at Level 1 can also count towards a Level 2 NCEA certificate.

NCEA Assessment

For a comprehensive guide to Assessment at the College, refer to the Tararua College Assessment Statement.

All students have all the standards for the subjects they are taking entered on the College's computer system. Then, during the course of the year, all the credits achieved for internally assessed standards are entered. Late in the year, when NZQA require formal enrolments and payment, the College transfers only the achieved standards.

Students are enrolled for all externally assessed examinations.

The College follows the policy recommended to us by NZQA and used by the overwhelming majority of NZ secondary schools.

How To Check Your NZQA Exam Results

Log-in to the NZQA website HERE to access your results. You must have your NSN (National Student Number) and either your password or PIN available.

How and when will I get my results?

In October, you will be able to log on to the NZQA website and see what internally assessed results your school has sent to NZQA. In late January, you'll get provisional results, an NQF Results Notice from this year for both internal and external assessment. This will include standards achieved and standards not achieved.

If you sat Scholarship exams, your results will be sent to you in February.

When you leave school, you'll also receive a School Results Summary, listing all the standards you've attempted and the results, including not achieved results.

Record of Achievement

Each year around April, you'll be sent a Record of Achievement (formerly called the Record of Learning). This records all standards achieved during your time at school. A summary of your qualifications and achievement will be listed at the top of your Record of Achievement. Standards are then grouped according to related areas of study. The standards you achieve each year will be added to your Record of Achievement. You can continue to add to it once you leave school and complete new qualifications or undertake workplace training. You can access your Record of Achievement here on the NZQA website and also order a paper copy.

Can I appeal my results?

If you have a question about your internal assessments, your school has a process for sorting this out. You'll get this information in writing, so keep it handy. Your teacher can tell you how the result was reached. If not, your school will tell you who to talk to next.

You can ask NZQA to review results from most external assessments after you get your results next year. You will be given detailed information about how to do this by NZQA.