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A Guide to Student/Parent Portal

This page provides basic information on aspects of our Student/Parent portal.

Topics on this page

What is the Student Web Portal ?

Logging in to Student/Parent Portal

Different Pages on Portal

What is the Student Web Portal ?

The Student Web Portal provides caregivers with access to a variety of information regarding their students.As we develop the portal more modules will be added.

This currently includes :
• Daily Notices
• School Calendar of Events
• Timetable
• Results Summary, including an NCEA Summary
• Subject Assessments (Current Year)
• Groups
• Library / Textbooks issued to the student
• Attendance 
• Financial Summary, 
• Careers Information
• Pathways information

Upcoming Modules include:
 Progress Reports
 Student / Caregiver Surveys
• Course Selection for next years subjects
 Details, including the ability to email the school of changes.
• Pastoral

Logging in to Student/Parent Portal
The School Notices and Calendar of Events are able to be accessed without logging in.
 Access to all other information requires the student / caregiver to first log on using the allocated username and password.
Here is a short video on how to log in.

If you have lost, forgotten or feel your login has become un-secure please contact the school to sort the issue.

Different Pages on Portal
- displays the school notices which you have flagged for publication on the portal from within KAMAR
- links to jump forward or back calendar dates

- displays the school "Calendar of Events' which you have flagged for publication on the portal from within KAMAR
- displays 'Current Months Events' by default
- links to view past events or future ones
- highlights days that have events.
- view event range by month, week or day.

- displays the students timetable (Course Code, Teacher Code & Room)
- navigation buttons to go forward or back weeks, look at any week of the year for the student

- displays the students timetable with the attendance per class marked on it.
- can be live (or delayed)
- navigation buttons to go forward or back weeks, look at the attendance for any week of the year

Current Year Results
- view which subjects the student is taking
- view current year results by subject

NCEA Summary
- students NCEA results 
- total credits for each year
- total credits for each NCEA level
- students current year assessments

All Years Results
- view all students assessments across all years
- view the students results and credits for each assessment

- view the students groups
- view staff and staff comments
- depending on the settings, you can view the students groups for all years.
- view students published awards for all years
- view the students Financial for the year
- total Amount for each payment
- total Received for each payment
- total remaining for each payment
- total current due
- payment dates
- credit balance
- view library items checked out
- view students pathways information (level 1 and 2)
- view pathways standards the student is doing
- view job possibilities for each pathway (these are also links)
Note : Reports are a snapshot in time, and are therefore not read live from KAMAR.
Course Selection
- This module is only open for a short duration during course selection. Caregivers will be notified when it is open and what to do.